Urethane Flooring

Cementitious-Urethane is one of the best flooring products available today. It is comprised of portland cement, urethane resins and custom blended aggregates. This product can be installed a many different thicknesses depending on your individual needs. Cementitious-Urethane has many benefits such as:

    • Drys quickly, low odor
    • Chemical and shock resistant
    • Abrasion and impact resistant
    • Antimicrobial and stain resistant
    • Anti-slip and cleanable
    • Food acid resistant
    • Water vapor resistant
    • Can be applied to a cold/damp surface

    Typical areas needing this type of flooring system:

    • Commercial kitchens
    • Commercial bakeries
    • Breweries
    • Bottling facilities
    • Food and beverage plants
    • Any concrete with vapor emission issues