Epoxy Screeds & Urethane Mortar Screeds

Floor Resurfacers Markets Include:

Epoxy mortars are typically installed from 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Epoxy resurfacers are a heavy-duty product used to resurface concrete floors. This results in a 10,000+ psi strength floor with excellent chemical resistant properties. This makes epoxy resin floor screeds suitable for a broad range of applications.Screeds are designed to be much harder wearing than standard concrete and can withstand aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkali. They exhibit anti-slip properties and come in a variety of colors.

Mortars are hand and power trowel applied. Typically used for simple joint restorations or up to a ¼ inch application to an entire concrete surface.

Our products can also be used for pitching purposes. A 3/8 stone can be added to fill areas deeper than ¼ inch. For ¼ inch applications, we distribute by a custom screed box. This epoxy resurfacer is normally sealed with an epoxy mid coat and a urethane topcoat but can be applied to any of the flooring systems Industrial Epoxy Flooring and Polishing installs.

Epoxy or Urethane Troweled Flooring Systems are the Perfect Solutions for the Following

  • Old factory floors
  • Automotive manufacturing plants
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Control joint restoration
  • Heavy use traffic aisles
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Any damaged floor in need of repair

Epoxy or Urethane Troweled Floors Have Many Benefits

  • Can level any concrete
  • May be used for making ramps and curbs
  • Can be used to slope floors to drains
  • Has a P.S.I. of over 10,000
  • Can be followed by any flooring system

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Epoxy Floors Resurfacers