Anti-Slip Flooring

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In any building or premises, health and safety is of vital importance.

Anti-Slip FlooringPenalties for workplace accidents are getting stricter, it is imperative that you do everything you can to prevent accidents. Anti slip coatings are a very simple yet effective way of protecting your premises and avoiding the risk of injury to people on site. At Concrete Renovations Inc, we specialize in working with many anti-slip materials and the right equipment to provide commercial and industrial customers peace of mind. Suitable for a variety of applications: including marine, building, construction and industrial industries, our anti slip coatings feature different materials to make the floor anti-slip. We use rubber, silica, and oxides.

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Chemical Resistant Flooring

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Concrete Renovations Inc. specializes in installing chemical resistant flooring. There are many types of chemical resistant floors which are chosen based on what chemical exposure they have, what type of traffic the floor will receive, and how long the flooring system is to last. All of these factors are considered when choosing the correct system. Let a specialist from Concrete Renovations Inc. review your flooring needs and make the right recommendation!

Places chemical resistant floors are used:

  • Aviation Hangars
  • Car Dealerships
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Primary and Secondary containment
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Hazardous storage areas

Decorative Flooring

industrial flooring

Decorative Flooring Quartz, Chip Blends & Metallics

Decorative FlooringWhether you want decorative floor coating systems that can withstand constant foot traffic or heavy point loads, we have the combination of beauty and strength that you need. Our quartz, chip blends & metallics all create lustrous finishes that handle wear and tear, so you’ll continue to benefit from eye-catching flooring that’s as durable as it is attractive. Our selection of decorative floor coating systems, including quartz, chip blends & metallics, give you the options you need to suit any space. Our beautiful colored quartz blend and resin system offers the extraordinary strength and impact resistance of an aggregate-filled floor and can be applied using broadcast, slurry or trowel methods. Innovative colored chip blend and resin finishes provide the look of terrazzo at a fraction of the price, and cost much less to maintain with no waxing or special buffing needed.

Heavy Duty Floor Durability

Heavy Duty DurabilityOur metallic “faux stain” flooring provides the organic beauty of stained or polished concrete, but with far superior performance. In public spaces, stained concrete wears away, losing its color and finish, showing traffic patterns and drawing attention to patches, repairs and porous concrete. Our high performance, “faux stain” metallic powder floor coating systems, on the other hand, install predictably to help hide, rather than emphasize, concrete substrate imperfections. Their gorgeous, flowing patterns apply evenly and resist wear steadfastly, thanks to their industrial-grade resin and mineral aggregate components. Who says high performance can’t be beautiful, too? Our decorative epoxy floor coating systems and other resinous materials prove that beauty isn’t just skin deep. Don’t let the stunning decorative finish fool you—these floors are tough. Depending on your concrete floor structure and facility needs, they can be up to 1/4″ thick or more, with impact resistance and compressive strength as impressive as the strongest heavy-duty industrial concrete flooring system.


Traffic Bearing Membranes

industrial flooring

Garage Polisched Epoxy FlooringTraffic bearing waterproofing membranes are generally three or four coat urethane systems which can be provided in a range of basic colors. Traffic bearing waterproofing membranes allow for minor movement in cracks and various types of joints.

Epoxy Floor ContractorsTraffic bearing waterproofing membranes are durable, waterproof and attractive. These systems preserve the concrete and steel within the structure. Have an expert at Concrete Renovations Inc view and make recommendations for your project.