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Waters Church

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Polished Concrete

North Attborough, MA 

Customer: Waters Church, North Attborough MA
Customers Requirements:
The Church purchased a 75 year old manufacturing complex. The existing concrete had been shot-blasted and coated with epoxy. The customer wanted the existing floor coating to be removed. They wanted the concrete to be polished. The total area in our scope of work would be 40,000sf on 3 different levels.


Concrete Renovations Solution:
We specified an aggressive grind to remove the existing coatings and shot-blast lines. (16grit diamond on 3 54-inch diamond floor grinders. All left over epoxy would need to be removed from the low spots and joints to assure a uniform look. The floor would then need to be polishing up to an 800 grit, followed by a stain guard and burnish.


Our Process: 

  • Grind concrete floor with 16 grit diamond to remove coating and lines
  • Jackhammer out all holes and voids to remove any coating left behind
  •  Grind concrete with 25,40,80 and 100 grit diamonds.
  • Apply a concrete densifier to the entire slab
  • Polish the concrete floor with 100,200,400 and 800 diamonds
  • Apply a stain guard and burnish the floor