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Volante Farms

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Epoxy Flooring and Urethane Flooring

Needham, MA

Customer: Volante Farms, Needham MA


Customer info and needs:
Volante Farms is a very well know farm, farm stand and deli. They have been in business for over a hundred years. They are a family owned business that takes pride in thier facility and product. They have an enormous following. The butiful enclosed building had been completely overhauled and expanded. It is an impressive facility. The general contractor had hired a local janitorial company to seal the decorative concrete floors. Unfortunately he used a product ment to be installed only outdoors. The product contaminated all of the foods in the building. The product also had a very bad smell that did not go away. The Volante decided to completely remove all the food from the building, even product that was nowhere mere the areas affected. Disposal of the product and choosing to close down was an enormous cost to the family. The Volante family cares deeply for its customers and wanted to insure that they would have a comfortable and safe shopping experience. They needed someone to remove the insisting coating without damaging the stained concrete or making too much dust. They also needed the concrete to be resealed in order to make sure there was no chance an fumes in the future. This work need to be completed in 7 days.


Concrete Renovations Specification:
We specified re-cutting all the control joints. They were filled with the faulty product. Grind all the coating off the concrete floor. Fill the joints with backer rod and pigmented polyurea. Prime the concrete with a clear epoxy primer. Apply a mid-coat of a clear epoxy coating. Apply a height traffic, light stable urethane.


Our scope of work:

  • Grind entire concrete floor with Diamatic Grinders.
  • Saw cut all joints with a dust-free diamond saw.
  • Fill all joints with a backer rod.
  • Fill all joints with a dpfast cure polyurea joint material.
  • Wash floor with a Tennant Auto-scrubber.
  • Apply a 100% solids, clear epoxy concrete primer at a DFT of 8 mils.
  • Apply a 100% solids, clear epoxy concrete mid-coat at a DFT of 16 mils.
  • Apply a 100% solid, clear high traffic, light stable urethane floor coating.


The customer was very happy with the work. We have completed 3 other projects for the Volante Family since this project. Google them if you are in the Needham Area. Great food, great people.