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Formula Powerboats Northeast


Concrete Polishing

Norwalk, CT

Customer: Formula Powerboats Northeast, Norwalk CT


Customer info and needs:

Formula Powerboats Northeast is one on New England’s largest powerboat dealers. This location has a full retail store, maintenance shop, marina and indoor showroom. Formula wanted to freshen up the look of their 16,000 sf showroom. The floor was covered in carpet squares that did not hold up well The constant moving of the boats destroyed the carpet. The customer removed their own carpet tiles and hired us to provide them with a floor that was easy to clean, dust proof, stain resistant decorative and that would hold up to the trailer tires.


Our recommendation:

We recommended that the concrete be polished to a level 4 finish. We also recommended that the holes and joint be filled and repaired.


Our scope of work:

  • Grind entire concrete floor with 40 grit diamonds on dust controlled grinders.
  • Prep and patch all holes and joints.
  • Grind entire concrete floor with 80 and 100 grit diamonds on dust controlled grinders.
  • Apply a concrete densifier.
  • Polish concrete with 200,400 and 800 grit diamonds on dust controlled polishers.
  • Apply a stain blocker.
  • Burnish entire floor .

The concrete polished very nicely. The customer was thrilled.

This work was performed by an installation crew from our Middletown, CT offices.