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IBM Flight Operations


Epoxy Floor Coating

Westchester County, New York

Customer:  IBM Flight Operations, Westchester County NY

Customers info and needs: IBM Flight Ops, operates this hanger in White Plains. This aviation hanger houses a Sikorsky Helicopter and four Gulfstreams.  It also houses a full machine shop, parts department, galley, office and crew quarters. IBM realized they needed to have the hanger and support rooms refinished. The floor in these areas was an epoxy but it had not been prepared properly. The coating was peeling. We had recently coated the Pepsico Hanger next door and four floors at their headquarters. We  were asked to specify and install a new hanger flooring system. IBM needed a flooring system that would withstand Skydrol, be slip resistant, easy to clean, and extremely durable. This floor was 58,000sf.

Our recommended:  Our estimator recommended removing the existing floor coating, cutting and filling the joints, applying a 3-coat, epoxy/urethane hanger system. We also recommended laying out nose wheel lines and slip resistant walkways to correspond with the new larger jets.

Our scope of work:

*Shot-blast floor to remove existing coating and to achieve the proper surface profile.

*Saw cut and caulk all expansion joints.

*Prepare and patch all holes and cracks with an epoxy repair matrix.

*Apply a 100% solids, pigmented epoxy primer.

*Apply a 100% solids, pigmented epoxy mid coat.

*Apply a 100% solids, pigmented urethane topcoat.

*Apply yellow epoxy traffic lines as needed.

This hanger was completed on time and the IBM executives loved it. This project was contracted and installed utilizing