epoxy and urethane flooring after

Ensinger Plastics


Epoxy Resurfacer and Urethane Flooring

Putnam, CT

Customer: Ensinger Plastics, Putnam CT


Customer info and needs:
The concrete floor joints were badly deteriorated and the floor was very uneven. The customer wanted a floor that could handle extreme forklift traffic, be easy to clean, light reflective and chemical resistant. They needed the floor to match their first class products. The big challenge would be working around the intense production schedule.


Our recommendation: 

We specified a 1/4 inch, power troweled epoxy resurfacer with an epoxy mid coat sealed off with a high traffic urethane top coat. This Tennant Company concrete resurfacer would have to be installed on weekends, at night and in 12 phases.


Our scope of work:

  • Attend a preconstruction meeting
  • Shot-blast floor to achieve the proper surface profile
  • Saw cut and key in all termination points
  • Fill all the holes, cracks and voids with an epoxy mortar
  • Power trowel out a 1/4 -inch epoxy resurfacer
  • Grind floor to remover any trowel marks
  • Apply a 100% solids epoxy grout coat
  • Apply a 100% solids high wear urethane seal coat
  • Cut and fill all expansion joints with a polyurea