epoxy flooring

Best Buy


Milbury, Massachusetts

Customer: Best Buy, Milbury MA

Customer info and needs: Best Buy needed to upgrade the look of their car audio installation bays. The existing concrete was had holes, cracks and was dusty and unsealed. Their technicians needed a floor that was dust free, easy to clean and was wear and slip resistant The installation bay was 1,640 sf.

Our recommendation: Best Buy has a certain floor coating in all their locations. The system is a Tenant Company, ECO-MPE/ ECO-HTS Coating. This is a high quality 30 mil floor coating. Best Buy Specifies a black floor with yellow stripes.


Our scope of work:

  • Diamond grind concrete to create the proper surface profile.
  • Patch all holes with an epoxy patch matrix., grind smooth after cured.
  • Apply ECO-MPE Epoxy Primer at a thickness of 10 mils.
  • Apply ECO-MPE Epoxy Mid Coat at a thickness of 16 mils.
  • Apply ECO-HTS Urethane at a thickness of 4 mils.
  • Apply ECO-MPE Epoxy traffic lines.


Best Buy was very happy with the floor coatings. This was our first car audio bay. We have completed epoxy coatings in 5 other locations since.
The crew used on this install was from our Cambridge Ma Office.