epoxy flooring

Plimpton & Hills


Polished Concrete and Stained Concrete

Stamford, CT

Customer: Plimpton & Hills, Stamford CT


Customers info and needs:
P&H wanted to renovate their 10,000sf showroom in Stamford CT. The existing floor was about 15 different types of tile and hardwood. We had polished the concrete at a few of their other locations. It served them well. This floor would have to be broken into two phases. They needed to keep half of the showroom open. P&H has its own maintenance people so they would remove the existing flooring materials.


Our recommendation:
We recommended that the customer allow us to remove the grout materials that were left behind after removing the tile. We could remove it whiteout damaging the concrete. We would then fill all holes, cracks and voids with an epoxy repair matrix. Finally polishing the concrete to an 800 finish topped by a stain inhibitor.


Our scope of work:

  • Remove existing grout from the concrete using diamond grinders.
  • Cut and caulk all joints with a flexible, polyurea joint material.
  • Grind concrete floor with 30/40 and 60/80 grit diamonds.
  • Grind entire concrete floor with 50 and 100 grit, ceramic bond diamonds.
  • Polish entire concrete floor using 200,400 and 800 grit, poly bond diamonds.
  • Apply a stain inhibitor and burnish.


The customer was very happy with this floor. This was the 5th location. We have polished in CT for this customer.