Fenn Manufacturing

epoxy flooring

Customer: Fenn Manufacturing, Newington CT


Customer info and needs:

Fenn is mainly a defense contractor. They manufacture fight critical aviation parts. The floor surface they require, needed to be easy to clean, durable, slip resistant and present a world class look. Most of the concrete at this location had been painted with an epoxy paint every year or so. Fenn was tired with the painted look and wanted their customers to be impressed when touring the plant. The total area needing attention was approx. 90,000 sf.


Our recommendation:

We recommended shot-blasting the concrete to remove all the failing floor paint. We specified a 75 mil, epoxy/urethane flooring system. The patching of all the voids would be completed using a fast cure epoxy mortar. Yellow epoxy traffic lines would be installed as needed.
This work would be done in dozens of phases over the course of 3 years.


Our scope of work:

  • Shot-blast the concrete to remove the failing paint and to provide the correct surface profile.
  • Clean out all cracks and holes using jackhammers.
  • Patch all holes and cracks with a fast cure epoxy repair matrix.
  • Apply a pigmented epoxy concrete floor primer at a thickness of 10 mils.
  • Apply a pigmented, self leveling epoxy slurry at a thickness of 60 mils.
  • Apply a pigmented, chemical resistant urethane at a thickness of 5 mils.
  • Apply yellow pigmented epoxy traffic markings.


We have been the only contractor to work at this facility for over fifteen years. Needless to say, this customer is very happy.

The installation crews that work in this plant have always been out of our Southwick, MA office.




Navel Station Newport Pier

concrete flooring repair

Customer:  Navel Station Newport Pier, Newport RI


Customers info and needs:

The US Navy has 2 massive piers at this active base. Pier One and Pier 2. These piers are over 300,000sf each. This project involved Pier 2. In the past, this pier was used to as a dock for many of the navy’s destroyers and submarines. It had four large storage building constructed directly on it. These building covered about 75% of the pier. The navy needed to increase their open space on the pier and demolished two of the buildings. What was left behind on the concrete was mix of different floor toppings at many different levels. There was also over a thousand cubic feet of holes and voids. The navy needed the concrete patched and smoothed out. This work had to be done completely dust free and all water needed to be prevented from running into the ocean. This was a  track project and would need to be completed in a two week period.


Our recommendation: 

We recommended that the concrete be smoothed out using our large, 54-inch grinders. We also recommended that the entire concrete slab be prepared using a wet method. We specified a high strength, waterproof concrete repair mortar be using in filling all the voids.


Our scope of work: 

  • Wet- grind entire concrete pier using four, 54-inch concrete grinders.
  • Square off all holes and voids using a wet saw.
  • Patch all holes and voids with a high strength concrete repair mortar.
  • Grind all repairs smooth.


This project was completed two days early and the customer loved the results.

This project was contracted, managed and installed using personnel from our Cambridge, MA location.



Army National Guard

Army National Guard Epoxy Flooring Project

Customer: Army National Guard, Westfield MA


Customers info and needs: 

This hanger houses the Army National Guard’s, 126th Aviation Regiment.  The aircraft houses and maintained in this hanger range form Blackhawk Air Ambulances to Special Ops D.E.A. Aircraft. The State Quartermasters Office was in control of this facility. They needed a concrete flooring system that would be easy to clean, chemical and Skydrol resistant, be slip resistant and handle the extreme loads pulled over the floor. Our name was given to the Quartermasters Office by the Base Commander at Westover Air Force Base. Concrete Renovations has coated every hanger at Westover.  This project also included the support, tool and parts room for the hanger. The total area was 48,000sf.


Our recommendation: 

We went with a proven hanger flooring system for this project. We specified shot-blasting as the preparation method and a 45 mil, epoxy/ urethane concrete coating system. We also specified safety marking such as walkways, center wheel lines, tug markings, electrical panel stripes, fire extinguisher hash tags and eyewash boxes. We chose Tennant Coatings as the supplier.


Our scope of work:

  • * Shot-blast and edge grind grind floor to provide the proper surface texture.
  • *Cut and fill all expansion joints.
  • *Apply a pigmented, epoxy primer at a DFT of 10 mils.
  • *Apply a pigmented, self leveling epoxy coating at a DFT of  30 mils.
  • *Apply a pigmented, chemical resistant urethane at a DFT of 5 mils.
  • * Apply all safety markings using a pigmented epoxy.


The customer was very pleased with the floor coating and the “headache free” installation process.  We have been installing hanger flooring systems and working with the military for almost 30 years. We understand, comply with and respect the safety and security procedures associated with military, civilian and commercial hangers.


Fort Devens

epoxy flooring project after

Customer: Fort Devens, Ayer MA


Customers info and needs:

Fort Devens is US Army Base that was established in 1917. There is a broad mix of old and new buildings on this 57 acre property. We have completed many floor at this base. The building that required a new floor this time was the mess hall. The floor in this older building was covered with quarry tile. About 20% of the tile was damaged beyond repair. The base did not have the funds available to remove the tile and install a new urethane floor topping. Having worked for this Base Commander in the past, they contacted us for a cost effective solution.


Our solution:

We recommended removing only the broken and cracked tiles and patching the voids with an epoxy repair mortar.. Then we would shot-blast the tile to create a surface profile. For the flooring we recommended an elastomeric base with a 1/8-inch, decorative epoxy system. For the transition to the walls we recommended a 4-inch epoxy cove base. This floor would give the base a surface that would be slip resistant, antimicrobial, durable, decorative and long lasting.


Our scope of work:

  • Remove all cracked and broken tiles.
  • Prepare and fill holes with an epoxy repair matrix.
  • Shot-blast entire tile floor to remove glaze and create the proper profile.
  • Trowel apply a elastomeric slurry to eliminate tile grout joints.
  • Trowel apply a 4-inch decorative quartz epoxy base.
  • Apply a 100% solids epoxy base coat at a thickness of 16 mils.
  • Broadcast decorative quartz aggregate to excess.
  • Apply a 100% solids epoxy mid coat a pt a thickness of 16 mils.
  • Broadcast decorative quartz aggregate to excess.
  • Apply a 100% solids epoxy seal coat at a thickness of 16 mils.
  • Apply a 100% solids urethane at a thickness of 5 mils.


This floor came out great and the Base Commander was thrilled. I walked this floor 10 years after completing the project and it was perfect.

Our Cambridge, MA crews installed all the flooring for this project.