Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Contractors In Connecticut

  • Epoxy Flooring is a low cost & high-value solution in CT
  • Epoxy Floors are completely seamless
  • Epoxy Floors restore damaged concrete
  • Epoxy Floors are abrasion resistant
  • Epoxy Floors are chemical resistant
  • Epoxy Floors improve light reflectivity

Epoxy Flooring Company Concrete Renovations Inc. is well known for epoxy flooring installation in Connecticut and Massachusettes. We have many epoxy flooring contractors servicing the state of CT and throughout New England. Seamless Epoxy flooring is ideal for most industrial environments in CT.  Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean, have a low odor during application and will provide properties such as chemical resistance, slip resistant, and non-dusting necessity.

These epoxy floor systems can be applied in very thin coatings with a self-leveling system. Seamless epoxy flooring CT has a long life expectancy even with the heavy traffic which is often found in warehouses and other industrial environments.

About Epoxy Flooring in Connecticut

We have been installing epoxy floors in CT since 1997! Many of our epoxy flooring systems were to replace old dreary concrete with a high gloss, seamless, non-skid wear surface. CT Epoxy Flooring will improve greatly your light reflectivity and lower electricity costs simultaneous with creating a world-class look which will improve your company’s image to your clients and customers. Epoxy flooring contractors we associate with have done installations in aviation hangars, automotive dealers, manufacturing, parking decks, and countless other locations.

Epoxy Flooring CT

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Why Choose Our Epoxy Flooring Company in CT?

Perhaps your business needs a floor that is strong, durable, simple to maintain, and looks fantastic?
Epoxy floors might be just the option for your commercial company!

There’s a likelihood that you’ve never been aware of the benefits of epoxy floors before therefore we’ve put together everything that you need to understand.

To learn more or information, get a quote from Concrete Renovations, Inc. in Middletown, Connecticut.

Epoxy floors might not be something that you have been aware of before but in its simplest definition, it’s a flooring coating that’s composed of multiple layers placed on a commercial space with a thickness of at least 2 millimeters.

What is Epoxy? Epoxy refers to something that’s composed of 2 major components — resins and hardeners.

Different Types of Epoxy Flooring

There are numerous diverse kinds of epoxy flooring that are possible to select from.

Included in these are:

Self-distributing floors — this really a strong flooring and therefore is employed in regions of high traffic and heavy usage.

Self-distributing sandpaper flooring — with granite sand exactly like a self-spreading epoxy floor but using exemplary anti-slide properties.
Mortar vinyl floors — here really is actually the most powerful of the hardwood flooring out there. They’re also fantastic for repairing cracks before placing still another kind of epoxy flooring.
Graveled vinyl floors — that is the most cosmetic of laminate flooring however it’s also the very complicated floor to put on. All these floors possess good anti-slide qualities.
Epoxy terrazzo floors — these may also be quite decorative epoxy floors plus they’re mainly utilized in huge spaces.
Epoxy anti-static floors — these are utilized in sensitive areas where there shouldn’t be any static contained from the environment whatsoever.
Epoxy laminate flooring — the floors are epoxy-based nevertheless they’ve colored cups or chips placed inside the floors for decoration. Will also give a slightly rough surface that offers good anti-slide qualities. The scents can be found in various colors and will be mixed into the blend of one’s selection.

Customer References in Connecticut

  • Aetna/Cigna Aviation, Windsor Locks, CT
  • BIC Corporation, Milford, CT
  • BKM, East Hartford, CT
  • Capewell Horsenail, Bloomfield, CT
  • Filene’s Distribution, Windsor, CT/Manchester, CT
  • Johnson & Johnson, Southington, CT

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